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We develop robot systems for every need

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We are the go-to partner for all your robotics needs. Our certified engineers will draw on their deep, extensive experience in multiple fields and applications so your company can harness all the advantages of robotics technology.

We are product-agnostic and supply robotics solutions based on KUKA, FANUC or ABB. If you wish, we can use systems from other vendors, too. We are a KUKA System Partner with many years of experience with virtually all available robot types.

ABB, KUKA and Fanuc - robot manufacturer

In certain areas, we also act as a system integrator and general contractor who provides advice and guidance on quality and technology. We coordinate system vendors and build component-specific tools and workholding systems for your robot.

We will supply solutions tailored to your specific needs instead of one-size-fits-all products.

Robotics solutions are commonly used for:

Our wide-ranging experience extends beyond these fields, too, and includes solutions designed for numerous global market leaders.

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    Bin Picking
    Recognize and remove

    Fast and economical

    Robots perform increasingly complex tasks. Despite all the automation, there are still situations in modern-day production where it is more economical to load boxes or crates haphazardly than to invest time and manpower in loading them neatly. This, however, only shifts the problem from one end of the production line to the other. After all, you still need to unload the chaotically loaded objects and send them to the next station for processing. This takes manpower unless the work is done by singulators such as vibratory bowl feeders.

    BIN PICKING is a technology in which a robot, equipped with a 3D camera, takes parts out of a container filled with unorganized, often irregularly shaped pieces and aligns them properly before sending them to the next station.

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    BIN PICKING - a robot works together with an industrial camera
  • Welding Welding

    For one-off and series production

    Conventional and laser welding

    Robot welding is a linchpin of today's automotive industry. However, it has migrated into other areas, too. Robot welding systems are increasingly proving their value in and outside industrial mass production.

    Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience welding steel, aluminium and related alloys. We can supply welding robots that range from individual workstations in compact welding cells to full-scale integrated production lines. Our solutions support conventional welding technologies (e.g. spot welding, MIG / MAG, TIG) as well as laser welding.

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    Robot welding application for automotive industry
  • Palletizing Palletizing

    Fast and reliable

    Flexible solutions

    Robotic palletizing and depalletizing can unleash tremendous savings. First, robotic palletizing modules can raise the capacity of any packing system up to 15 percent, depending on the products. Not only that, but the robots free up your employees to do other work as well.

    Robotic palletizing stations cut costs, reduce error rates and make packing lines far more flexible and efficient. With our process visualisation, you can keep track of everything and effectively monitor and manage your robot palletizing station.


    Robot palletizing application from Blumenbecker
  • Gluing and bonding Gluing and bonding

    Gluing and bonding
    Consistent quality

    Bringing it all together

    Gluing is used extensively in carmaking, particularly with parts such as headlights. Each vehicle passes through several dozen gluing stations in production. Bonding processes are essential in other industries, too, such as inserting glass panes in oven doors or attaching components to electronic circuit boards. Industrial robots are the perfect choice for these tasks.

    The challenge is to apply the glue with the same quality and strength in all locations – whether they are easily accessible or hard to reach. Blumenbecker has met this challenge with a wide range of robotic gluing solutions.

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  • Handling Handling

    Precise positioning

    Many different uses

    Industrial robots excel at repetitive handling activities in production. They will tirelessly load machines and mount, stack or remove parts, among other things. 

    Ich možnosti aplikácie sú veľmi rozsiahlé a tomu zodpovedajú aj technické riešenia: od štandardizovaných robotických systémov pre špeciálne navrhnuté, jednoúčelové riešenia. Spoločnosť Blumenbecker využije svoje rozsiahlé skúsenosti v oblasti priemyselnej robotiky a zrealizuje optimálne riešenia pre vaše potreby.


  • Machine Vision Machine Vision

    Machine Vision
    Measuring. Testing. Controlling.

    More than just cameras

    Sensors and industrial cameras have opened up new vistas in production line automation. Blumenbecker's machine vision systems are used for applications such as measurement (measuring/testing a product's specific dimensions), product checks (checking the correct position of all parts of an assembly),

    product identification (barcode and 2D code reading, identifying a product type based on shape, size and other characteristics), product sorting (for example, sorting packaged chocolates by colour etc.) and robot navigation (determining the product's position on a conveyor belt and using its coordinates for palletizing, depalletizing and other activities).

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End-to-end service
from consulting to maintenance

You can count on Blumenbecker. We provide end-to-end service at every step in the life cycle of your robot cells, from advising you prior to your purchase to servicing your robot cells with qualified technicians. Learn more here.