Machine Vision from Blumenbecker

Machine Vision

Measuring. Testing. Controlling.

From Product sorting untill
Robot navigation

Sensors and industrial cameras have opened up new vistas in production line automation. Blumenbecker's machine vision systems are used for applications such as measurement (measuring/testing a product's specific dimensions), product checks (checking the correct position of all parts of an assembly), product identification (barcode and 2D code reading, identifying a product type based on shape, size and other characteristics), product sorting (for example, sorting packaged chocolates by colour etc.) and robot navigation (determining the product's position on a conveyor belt and using its coordinates for palletizing, depalletizing and other activities).

Sensors and industrial cameras are often used for quality control. They assure high product quality, strengthen customers' confidence in the products, and reduce the number of complaints. 

Cognex and Sick - industrial camera suppliers

Proprietary software
for superior speed and reliability

The quality and resolution of the sensors and industrial cameras doesn't matter if the software cannot process the incoming data in real time. 

Blumenbecker has developed proprietary software for its machine vision systems that maximizes sensor and camera performance.

The software supports the identification of:

  • Geometric features (e.g. correct length of a bar)
  • Colour features (e.g. correct paper hue)
  • Position data (e.g. correct location of a part)
  • Temperatures (e.g. during glass production)

The innovative algorithms in the software often outperform the market-standard programs in order to assure consistently high product quality.

Contact us if you are interested in machine vision and how to use it in your production process. Integrating machine vision systems with your production line can quickly raise product quality significantly.