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From ARC Welding till
Laser welding

Robot welding is a linchpin of today's automotive industry. However, it has migrated into other areas, too. Robot welding systems are increasingly proving their value in and outside industrial mass production.

Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience welding steel, aluminium and related alloys. We can supply welding robots that range from individual workstations in compact welding cells to full-scale integrated production lines. Our solutions support conventional welding technologies (e.g. spot welding, MIG / MAG, TIG) as well as laser welding.

More and more small welding-intensive businesses are relying on Blumenbecker's robot welding cells. Not only is the technology now more affordable with a faster payback period, but our welding cells are also highly mobile and can be effortlessly moved around in your production facility.

Discover the advantages
of robot application welding

Advantages of
laser welding

  • 1


    No tool wear, no-touch welding.

  • 2


    Components are easily accessible because the laser transmits power over long distances.

  • 3


    Low thermal impact on material – minimal material distortion and structural change.

  • 4


    Weld faster thanks to high power density.

  • 5


    Very strong welds.

  • 6


    Deep welds with material thicknesses up to 25 mm.

Laser welding
on the advance

A laser beam is a highly efficient welding tool thanks to its energy density. Our robotics solutions for laser welding allow you to:

  • Weld without filler material
  • Weld with filler material
  • Braze
  • Clad
  • Ablate

Laser welding is up to 8 times faster than TIG welding. Due to the low energy input, the finished workpiece exhibits little to no thermal distortion, eliminating or greatly reducing the need for subsequent processing. The welds are smooth and not heat-tinted and so require little to no polishing.

Blumenbecker has been developing laser welding solutions for many years, particularly in the demanding automotive industry. Put our knowledge to work in automating your production processes!